Our 2023 Tangle Survey Results are here!

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Hello friends!,

Scottie Steph, Head of Product here at Tangle with an update on the results from our Annual Survey. We had 3x as many responses this year than we did in 2022 and heard from more than 15 teams. If you didn’t get a chance to answer the survey, feel free to fill it out- We’ll still be reading every response that comes in!


The Results

The top 3 requests from survey respondents were Text Chat, App Performance and Better Screensharing. I’ll address each of those below and also talk about some of the features we’ll be shipping soon. 


Text Chat

  • This was the #1 most requested addition to Tangle. And we agree with you! Text Chat is our biggest priority moving forward and we’ll be talking more about how we’ll be introducing text-based comms into Tangle over the next few weeks. Just know that we’re actively working on this. 


App Performance

  • App Performance is always a big deal and we’re dedicated to constantly improving it. Pre-Launch we made significant progress on reducing Tangle’s impact, but we’ve now hired an entire team to focus exclusively on improving this. We’ll continue to note major progress in patch notes, but expect to continue seeing gains here going forward. 


Screensharing Improvements

  • Screensharing Improvements showed up in a few ways. The most major was a request to be able to full-screen a screenshare. I’m excited to tell y’all that this is right around the corner and should release in mid-to-late August. 
  • Additional requests included the ability to draw on a screenshare or increase the FPS of screenshares. We’re looking into the technical possibility space for both of those requests and have moved them up in priority. 


Coming Soon

We have a public roadmap where you can see all of the features we’re currently working on, working on next or just speculating about. You can also vote on the items you’d like to see and provide feedback on the ones already there. Over the next two months we’ll be rolling out a number of new features.


  • Item Pinning will allow you to “pin” an item in a Tangle to prevent it from being accidentally moved or deleted. 
  • Full Screen Screensharing will allow you to full-screen a user’s screenshare or their video feed. Super handy for presentations or just getting a better view on important documents (or cute cats)
  • Room Linking will allow you to create a shareable URL to a room in your Tangle, making it easy to add Tangle to your calendar invites.
  • Bring Forward / Send to Back will allow you to control the depth of items and control which items are in “front” of others. This should allow you to organize better and explore more creative arrangements in your Tangles!
  • Invite To a Room allows you to extend an invitation to the room you’re in to anyone on your server. No more having to go find someone and asking them to join your conversation. 
  • Avatar Statuses is an upgrade to the existing status system that will tie your custom Avatar to your status. Are you AFK? Your desk will show up as empty. Heads down/Focus-mode? Your avatar will slap on headphones and look hard at work. This is the first step to making Avatars more reactive and responsive, work we’ll continue with Avatar Reactions but more on that next time! 

We’ll also be deploying our Q3 & Q4 features to the Public Roadmap sometime in August, so keep an eye on that space. And, as always, feel free to drop by our Discord to chat with the Tangle Team and other Tangle users!

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