Tangle Release: 08/01/23

Curious about what's changed in the latest version of Tangle? Find details about all of our updates here!

Hello Tanglers!,

Below, find the list of issues we fixed in version #13.0.12772 . This is NOT a required update, but does contain over 100 small bug and quality of life issues! It also adds some new Avatar Background options and sets the stage for a whole mess of upcoming features. 


If you already have Tangle, you should get this update as part of Tangle's automatic updater, but you can also download this version manually at https://tangle.app/download


In the coming weeks we'll be releasing a way to fullscreen screenshares, pin items in your Tangle, invite users to your room and more. It's a summer of features!

Updated A/V

  • We upgraded the way we handle audio and video in Tangle. This will hopefully solve a number of device and connectivity issues- Please let us know if you experience any headaches!

UI Scaling

  • In the past, Tangle had issues properly scaling UI when displayed on ultrawide or retina displays. We have fixed many of these issues, but the "UI Scaling" slider is always available under "General" in the settings.
  • Please let us know if you continue to experience issues with UI size!

Added clear communication around User Limits

  • Tangle has always had limits around how many people can be in a single Tangle server or in a room together. We now do a better job of exposing those limits and letting you know when they're met
    • The limits are 50 concurrent users on a Tangle server
    • And 25 users in a single room

Avatar Customization

  • We added 5 new background options to Tangle. This is good news for those of you who work in Outer Space, are wizards or , uh, teach in a classroom.
  • The customization menu also saw some gentle reorganization and small bug fixes

URL Embedding

  • URL Embeds saw a tremendous number of fixes that should make them more reliable overall and help reduce the number that get stuck in a "loading" state.
  • We also fixed a number of issues around URL objects not selecting/updating correctly when in their "loading" state

Settings Menu

  • The settings menu now has a camera and microphone preview to help you look & sound your best for those camera-on meetings! It'll also help diagnose any potential device issues.
  • Added a button in Settings to easily grab log files for support purposes

General Bug Fixes

  • Buttons in your User Panel will no longer activate if you're using your mouse to control your avatar!
  • "Tangle" is now capitalized in the title of the window. 
  • Hearts have their SFX back.
  • Fixed a number of issues around getting locked out of Tangle / seeing a never ending loading squiggly
  • Fixed a number of issues around Tangle not launching correctly at startup
  • Many performance fixes, work here continues onwards and we've hired a whole team to help out!
  • Fixed a few issues where objects would become immovable for their owner
  • Fixed issues around the Tangle Updater not updating correctly or not having correct permissions
  • All Object types can now be created on top of rooms

Known Issues

  • If you turn off your video while screensharing, it'll shut down the screenshare for other viewers.
  • The selected item in the Camera & Mic preview inside of the Settings menu doesn't always match the actual selected device. This is pretty rare but can happen. 
  • Disconnecting a Bluetooth device on MacOS can crash Tangle

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