What's New!: v 13.0.11918 (6/7/23)

Curious about what's changed in the latest version of Tangle? Find details about all of our updates here!
This is a small release to fix a number of common bugs. Nothing exciting in this release, but we hope it helps y'all have a smoother Tangle experience!

New Features

  • Hearts are now the color of your homeroom
    • Y'all kept asking for this one back. Sorry it took so long!
    • There is a known issue where hearts SFX sometimes don't play- We're tracking that one down and will issue an update soon!

Big Bug Fixes!

  • Disabled rich-text in various fields. 
    • This was causing a number of issues with character counts and field displays, so we removed this undocumented feature :).
  • You can now create objects on top of rooms.
    • This was accidentally disabled a few releases ago. You can now create objects directly on top of rooms via click-and-drag or click-and-click.
  • User panels sometimes didn't sort into rooms correctly. 
    • On rare occasions User Panels would get "stuck" in weird positions when someone left or joined a room. This should be fixed!

Small Bug Fixes


  • The app patcher had several fixes implemented, particularly around file permissions
  • Fixed the close button on the release notes popup not closing properly
  • Fixed a bunch of patcher issues for OSX users

URL Embeds

  • Youtube link loading no longer retries infinitely if it fails for region-based content blocks
  • Fixed issue with videos not displaying properly when you first sign in


  • Fixed an issue where adjusting the SFX volume, it would re-enable environmental voices
  • The options button now displays a new context menu with a few extra options to access your profile, help page, etc.
  • Fixed various popups appearing on top of the options menu
  • Added a "Show Logs" button on the options menu to better expose support logs
  • Changed the shortcut key for the options menu to be ~ instead of tab to prevent ALT+TAB and CMD+TAB issues.
  • The "reset to defaults" menu option was failing to update a few options. Fixed!
  • You can now re-summon the "what's new" popup from the settings menu.


  • Enter and Escape now work on the screensharing menu
  • If you are screensharing a window, and you minimize or close that window, we now show a warning popup to explain why the feed ended.

Misc. UX

  • Fixed some errors that happened when exiting from a server to the server select menu
  • Fixed the user directory menu sometimes displaying a blank line for people with longer usernames
  • Fixed some avatar state synchronization bugs


That's all for now! For more insight into our development process, join our Public Roadmap. From there you can see the features we're actively working on and the ones we're only just thinking about. You can also leave comments and vote on the items you'd like to see sooner! 

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