Tangle General Access 1.0 Release Notes!

Curious about what's changed in the latest version of Tangle? Find details about all of our updates here!

Tangle is now available to everyone! 

  • Whether you're an existing Tangle user or the new kid in town, General Access 1.0 has a whole bunch of great new features to help y'all collaborate more easily! 
  • This Release also kicks off Tangle becoming a paid, live service. For more details on payment tiers, pricing and features, please see our Pricing Page
  • Among the biggest and most exciting thing is: Anyone can now sign up for Tangle at https://tangle.app/signup/! No more waitlist! 
  • On to more exciting things, let's talk about what's new in Tangle!

New Features

  • Patcher Tool
    • On Startup, Tangle will now look for updates and patch itself if an update is detected, saving you the time of having to do it manually.
    • Also, while in Tangle, you may see a Toasty (a little pop up that occurs in Tangle) saying “A New Update is Available! Click here to update!” giving you the chance to upgrade and restart Tangle. 
  • There are 2 kinds of updates we'll be releasing going forward 
    • Minor Releases are optional and can be opted-into via the Toasty or on the next time you launch Tangle.
    • Major Releases will force users out of Tangle. These will only be for big, breaking updates or major security patches. We’ll try to do this outside of standard working hours to avoid interruptions and don’t plan on using this frequently.
  • You'll also be able to see the contents of an update via an adorable new patch notes window after a successful update, keeping you more easily informed.
  • Patcher Tool has been through extensive testing, but this is a complicated area that can vary from user-to-user. If the Patcher tool ever fails or causes issues, you can always manually re-download the latest Tangle client from https://tangle.app/download
    • But please report the issue to us so we can continue making this as seamless as possible.
  • Payment Tiers & Subscriptions
    • Tangle now has both Free & Pro tiers.
      • Currently, the only additional features in the ‘Pro’ tier are On Camera Video and Screensharing. 
      • You can see a detailed comparison between the tiers at our Pricing Page
    • Good news! We are extending our Pro free trial for a limited time! 
    • You can visit our Payments & Subscriptions Support page to review subscriptions in-detail.
    • A HUGE shout out to the backend team who did a heroic amount of work to get payment processing and subscription management working.
    • As this is a new feature, if you have any issues or questions around payments, please don't hesitate to reach out! You can reach us at support@tangle.app
  • New Features in Settings
    • Head down below to learn about some new features we baked in the Settings menu, including the much-requested Auto-Mute and some power-saving performance options!

New UI + UX for existing feature

  • Screenshare Menus have new UI + UX!
    • You can now see a preview of what you’re about to share for more streamlined communication.
    • Sharing is split between “Displays” and “Windows” more clearly.

  • Device Selection has a new UI + UX!
    • Improved Readability for device selection and status, making it easier to know which device you’re selecting and which is active.

  • Settings Menu has new UI, UX and Options!
    • The Settings Menu has gotten a big re-do! It’s now easier to navigate and find the most helpful settings.
    • We’ve also added some new features inside of this menu
      • Auto-Mute in Home Room will mute you anytime you return to your homeroom, eliminating any hot mic issues after leaving a meeting.
      • Power Save mode will cap Tangle’s FPS and reduce some quality settings to improve performance.
      • You can now toggle the appearance of your audio wiggles and special effects (Confetti), adding a bit more creativity into the mix.
      • Better granularity and indication of audio volume and noise suppression options enhancing the spacial sounds.
      • Help & Account’ provides easy access to Tangle Support and your account management from inside of Tangle.
  • Noise Suppression
    • Due to an error with an API upgrade, it turned out that our last 2 major releases shipped with diminished or non-functional noise & echo suppression, as well as automatic gain control (i.e, you may have sounded too quiet!). These have been re-enabled and we’d love to know if these have helped you communicate better.
    • We are also looking into some additional noise suppression options and will have more details on that in the coming weeks.
  • Performance Improvements
    • This release comes with over 25 performance-specific improvements that should help reduce Tangle’s overhead, especially when it’s running in the background.
    • In particular, Mac users should notice a significant improvement.
    • We’re continuing to identify these issues and are prioritizing them. 

  • Return to Home button
    • H’ has always been the shortcut for returning to your homeroom, but now we’ve added a button for it in the UI. It’s located to the left of the “Control Bar”.

Anyone can now access Tangle!

  • Self-Serve Access to Tangle
    • Anyone can now sign up for access to Tangle at https://tangle.app/signup/
    • This process will help them create an account and a server all on their own! We’re still always available to help or onboard a referral, so don’t hesitate to reach out!

Known Issues
We always strive to keep Tangle as performant and bug-free as possible. But there are always a couple of stubborn holdouts! Here are a few issues you and your team may encounter whole using this version of Tangle.

  • In some instances, logging out of a Tangle sever will cause users to be stuck an in “Infinite Squiggly”
  • Some Video URLS are appearing blank
  • Changing the URL on a video URL after it’s posted can cause a small delay in the new video appearing, allowing users to still see the old one
  • In some instances, dismissing the in-server avatar customization menu without “Saving” your changes can remove the avatar background
  • Tangle’s FPS will appear reduced when dragging the window
  • Using “F” to swap between your user panel and the whole server doesn’t always capture full server bounds on especially large servers
  • Stickies, Images and Urls cannot be CREATED on top of rooms or images via click-to-place creation. They can be dragged there after being created or by drag-to-create
  • When puppeting your avatar and holding down the mouse button you can inadvertently activate other UI controls, especially fingies
  • On Stickies, pasting text that goes over the character limit removes all of the text instead of just the characters that overflow
  • Disconnecting bluetooth AV devices on macOS can cause Tangle to crash
  • macOS users may experience UI that is too big or too small. Use the “UI Scale” slider in Settings to control this presentation

Updates on previous Known Issues

  • ESC should now close all menus equally well 🙂
  • Right-clicking and deleting a room should now provide the delete confirmation dialog
  • Shortcuts no longer activate when changing the name of a room
  • Tangle will no longer freeze when users focus the window after a long period of inactivity
  • Opening the Directory will no longer cause Shortcuts to stop working on macOS
  • 15+ bug fixes to improve overall stability & performance!


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