Bring in outside links and tools into Tangle with URL Embedding

With Tangle, we are creating a virtual hub of possibilities that allow you to seamlessly collaborate with your team. In addition to tools such as screen sharing, room creation and more, you can use URL embedding directly on your server that makes collaboration even easier. 

URL embedding simply means bringing in outside links or other tools that you use daily into Tangle. For example, URL embedding is great for: 

  • Reviewing internal links with teammates (shared drives, docs, sheets, etc)
  • Sharing external videos (training materials, funny videos, YouTube, etc) for real time collaboration and efficiency.
  • Viewing website links before pushing live, news articles that serve an interest to your team, and even competitive research.
  • And more! 

How to use URL embedding

From your toolbar, located on the right side of your server, you’ll see a link icon. Drag and drop the link icon anywhere on the server, and then paste in your URL. It’s that easy!

To make it even more streamlined, Tangle allows for you to paste directly onto your server using CTRL + V. 


Keep in mind that when sharing a video URL in Tangle, you may play the video within the server. The video is also playable by any user within the server, However, only the person who played the video can hear and see it. If you want to watch a video at the same time, we recommend screen sharing.


Learn more about Tangle tools or see them in action with this Tangletorial. 

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