How to troubleshoot your webcam and mic with Tangle

Are you having trouble getting Tangle to play nice with your webcam or microphone? You're not alone- Computers and devices get in a lot of little fights that can create big problems. In the case of Tangle there are 3 major reasons this might happen and we're here to help you solve them!


Tangle has not been given permission by your computer to use your webcam or mic

For privacy and security reasons, Tangle will ask for permission to use your webcam and mic when you first open it. If you said No, or mis-clicked, Tangle will not be able to show video or capture audio.


To change your permissions, please see our Giving Tangle Device Permissions article!


Your microphone volume slider might be set to 0

This happens more on Windows than macOS, but different programs (Slack, Discord etc.) all have access to the same volume slider. There's a chance that if another program changed your input audio that your microphone volume in Tangle might have been inadvertently mis-set. 


To change this, head to the Settings menu in the lower left hand side of the screen

And scroll down to "Microphone Level". Make sure this is set to something other than 0, the furthest left option. 



You may need to manually toggle your device selection in the OS

This often happens on Windows machines- Tangle might indicate that you've selected a certain device, but you'll actually need to go into your Windows device selection and manually select the correct microphone (NOTE: This will stop happening as of EA3!!). You may also need to to toggle the "Don't Allow" option inside of System -> Sound -> All Devices

As always the Tangle Team is here if you need us, contact support for more help or search our ZenDesk articles to get quick answers. 



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