Managing Doors and Sounds

Tangle is a place where you can have what we like to call “Swivel Chair Moments” by utilizing open doors and environmental sounds.

Doors are attached to every room in Tangle, and allow you to be in control over not only how you wish to work, but also how you wish to interact with others in your Tangle Server. 


With an Open Door, you can allow anyone within your server to hop into your room unprompted. Left unmuted, with an open door others around the server can hear your conversation and allow real time moments to occur. For instance, if you are talking about needing a login for an account and the person with the login overhears you, they can join the room to discuss or they can leave a Sticky with the information. This enables real-time decision making and problem solving to occur. 


Closing a Door will not only keep conversations private (not allowing others outside the room to hear) but also shut out all environmental sounds within the server. Letting you spend more time focusing on tasks or brainstorming the next big idea. A Closed Door will also let your team know you are unavailable for pop ins.

Knocking on a Closed Door
If you have a Closed Door and a teammate wishes to join in your room (maybe they have an urgent question that needs answered), then they can simply click on the door to knock. You will then hear a knocking sound, as well as see a notification which gives you 10 seconds to decide whether to Allow or Deny them entry.

Environmental Sounds

With open doors and meetings happening around Tangle, you have the option to listen around your server from the comfort of your Homeroom. The closer your room is to others, the louder the sounds may be. 



To lower or mute Environmental Sounds simply locate your volume control at the bottom of your screen in the Control Bar. You can then slide up or down to control the volume of what you hear within the server. We recommend keeping your Environmental Volume at 25% to feel connected to your Tangle team.

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