A Tangle Full of Rooms and Possibilities

When you first joined your Tangle Server, you may have noticed that you appeared in a Lobby. The Lobby is the default room where new users join before they add their Homeroom to the server. 

Here is a brief overview of Room types in your Tangle Server -

Lobby: The default room new users populate in. The Lobby can be renamed and used as a meeting room or a gathering place for all users.

Homeroom: The first room a new user creates, which defaults as their Homeroom. Once created, it will be the room they populate in every time they sign on. Learn more about Homerooms.

Additional Rooms: By adding more rooms to your server, you are able to set up additional rooms for purposes such as Team specific rooms (Marketing, Sales, Devs, etc), Breakrooms, Sprint Planning, Launch Rooms, and more. Learn more about our room best practices.

Add a Room
On the right hand side of your screen, you will see the Objects Toolbar which shows the house icon. Drag and drop the icon anywhere on your server. Once dropped in the server, a new room will appear. You may move the room around by clicking and dragging it when in Room Edit Mode. 


Want to see rooms in action? Check out our TangleTorial

Customize or Delete a Room

When you click on the room title, to the right the Room Edit Mode will appear. In the editor, you have options to either delete your room with the trashcan or customize it with the color palette icon.

What can I do with Different Rooms?
Having various team rooms is a great way to stay organized and bring people together. We also recommend having rooms for culture activities such as a Lunch Table (where people can meet to chat over a meal), a water cooler area, or a Breakroom/Gaming Hall (a get together space for teams).

How many Rooms can I add to a Tangle Server? 

Unlimited, so create as many as you like. And we mean it! If you can dream of a room, we want you to put it on your server.

Tangle Tip: With great power comes great responsibility, so make sure to check you and your team's needs as you build out various types of rooms. 


Not finding what you are looking for? Search our Zendesk articles for more help. 

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