Be Uniquely You with Avatars

Avatars allow you to not only express yourself, but also lets you control the background of your environment. Have a messy room or a bad hair day? Does it happen to be the holidays and you want to dress up your Avatar? Let your Avatar shine for you. That way you leave all that stress hang by the waist side when interacting with your team if you aren’t feeling your best. Work shouldn’t have to be stressful, so with over 500+ unique Avatar customizations (and still counting), you can make your virtual self in a way that makes sense for, well, you! 

Check out this TangleTorial to see Avatars in action. 


Avatar Customization
When you first enter the Server Select Screen you’ll see the Avatar Builder. With so many customizations from skin tone to hair color, face shape to facial hair, color changing outfits to fabulous accessories - you can show up exactly how you want to show up.

Not sure how you want your Avatar to look? Try our Avatar Randomizer (the dice icon) located near the save button. 

Tangle Tip: Make sure to hit save when you are done customizing your Avatar and then join the server.

Naming Your Avatar
Once you have finished designing the perfect Avatar for yourself, make sure to give yourself a name. You can edit your name every time you find yourself on the Server Select Screen.

Joining a Server with Your Avatar
In the Server Select Screen, you can see all the servers you can access. Different servers, means different Avatar creations. When selecting a server, make sure to check your Avatar that pairs with that server as you may want to adjust accordingly.

Mouth Flappies and Fingies 

Not only do Tangle Avatars blink, but they also move their mouths (aka Flappies) when you are off mute. To add to the fun, an audio wave will appear as you are speaking in the bottom of your User Panel allowing you to see when others are speaking around you, not just with their mouth moving. Flappies allow you to engage with your team like you would if you were on camera yourself. This keeps the Avatars feeling more authentic and less stagnant.

Tangle Tip: Want to move your Avatar around your User Panel? Just click on your Avatar, hold and drag them around as you see fit. 


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