Quick Guide: Tools for Tangle

We’ve created tools with you and your team in mind. With tools like Stickies, URL sharing, Confetti and more. Tools not only for working more productively, but also for celebrating culture. Take a look below to get an idea how you can utilize Tangle with your team.

Tangle Tip: if you wish to see the shortcut keys list, you may skip down to the bottom of the article. 

Stickies can be dragged and dropped from your Objects Toolbar on the right side of your Tangle Server.

With a variety of colors to choose from, you can create messages that fit your mood. Stickies are easily deletable by selecting one and clicking the trash can icon. 



Use Stickies for:

  • Meeting notes, reminders, etc
  • Letting your Team know you are taking a lunch
  • Dropping a funny comment on someone’s room
  • And more! 


Tangle Tip: Need to know who last edited a Sticky? Check the bottom left corner of the note. 

URL Sharing

To drop a link inside Tangle, access your Objects Toolbar to the right of your screen locating the link icon. Drag and drop that anywhere you need,replace the placeholder link with one you need to share, hit enter, and boom! Your link is now within your server for other teammates to view.

User URL Sharing for: 

  • Sharing a calendar or meeting invite
  • A blog post you recently wrote
  • A funny video 
  • And more! 


Tangle Tip: To make URL sharing easier, you can always copy and paste (CTRL+V)  a link directly into your Tangle Server without having to go to the Objects Toolbar.


Dropping Images
Images are a great tool to have for any team. With the ability to drag and drop an image anywhere within your Tangle Server, you can make the space uniquely yours. You can even overlay images on top of rooms. Take our Joke Dungeon for instance, which we had to create the bars to keep all those banished jokesters away!

Use images for: 

  • Customizing the space around your room
  • Sharing memes
  • Adding some pizzazz to a stale meeting space
  • Sharing pictures of your pets with your team
  • And more!

Customize Your Room

While you may have started out with the standard color and name of your room, you can always change them. Tangle gives you control when it comes to the way your room looks. To change your room, simply click on the name of the room and edit options will appear. 


  • To change your name, double click on the room name. 
  • To change the color of your room, when the edit options appear select the color palette. 
  • To delete the room altogether, select the trashcan icon in edit mode. 
  • To move your room, in edit mode hold your room and drag it to where you want it to go. Releasing your hold to drop it. 

Learn more about rooms here.


Exciting Features: Fingies, Hearts, Confetti and Airhorn

Need to wave hello/goodbye, or simply raise your hand to ask a question during a busy meeting? Fingies allows you to express yourself with your Avatar without having to switch on the camera. To use Fingies simply click the hand icon on the bottom right side of your user panel. The amount you click will enable how high your hand will raise on screen. You may use Fingies while in other rooms with your teammates or alone in your Homeroom. 

Tangle Tip: You can use your Fingies with shortcut keys 1-9 to raise your hand. 0 or ~ will put them down. 


Want to show your love and support to your teammates? A small heart icon appears in the right hand corner of all Tanglers User Panels. Whether to express to your team how excited you are for a project they are doing or show support in a topic they are referring to, Hearts make it easy to feel more connected in a digital space. And remember, you can send a Heart to anyone in your Tangle Server! 


Tangle Tip: If you are in a meeting with more than one Tangler, let the person you are showering Hearts with know it's you by having your Cursor tool activated.

Celebrate your team, end a working session, or just cause a fun riot with confetti. To use this feature simply tap Q and move your cursor around to show where the confetti will explode on screen.


Looking for something extra to boost your team? The airhorn is perfect to sound off important events, celebrate hitting a deadline, or just be rowdy with your team for a minute. To activate the airhorn press W on your keyboard.

See our tools in action with this TangleTorial!


Shortcut Keys


Name Keyboard Key Purpose
Fingies 1-9 to raise hand, 0 OR ~ to dismiss Raises your hand in the User Panel. 1-9 reflects the urgency, with 9 being a big waving hand. 
Mute / Unmute M Mutes or Un-Mutes your microphone.
Camera On / Off V Turns your webcam feed on or off. When Off, your Avatar will be visible instead.
Set Status S Brings up the dialog to set your status. 
Environment Volume Up Ctrl/⌘ [ Raises the volume of overheard environmental audio. 
Environment Volume Down Ctrl/⌘ ] Lowers the volume of overheard environmental audio. 
Zoom In Ctrl/⌘ + Also Mousewheel Up 
Zoom Out Ctrl/⌘ - Also Mousewheel Down 
Focus F Fits the tangle view to you and your surroundings
Move Mode Space Toggles Grabby Hand. 
Cursor Toggle C Swaps to Cursor. 
Confetti Q Joy and celebration with colorful pops of excitement
Airhorn W Celebrate loudly and proudly! 
Leave Tangle Server ESC From a Tangle Server
Log Out ESC From the Server Select Menu

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