Controlling Volume and Sounds in Your Tangle Server

There are many sounds happening in any given Tangle Server, whether coming from the spatial environment, to people conversing in meeting rooms, or the special effects ‘ding dongs’ when entering a room. Tangle is full of sounds to help you feel less alone in the remote workplace, but you can control how those sounds work in your space.

Environmental Sounds
Noticing sounds happening from meetings around you? There are a few ways to control the amount of sounds (if any) that you want to hear in Tangle. 

  • Location of your room: the closer your room is to other rooms, the louder you will hear those sounds more clearly, if your door is open. So if you much rather be positioned further away from your team to hear less Environmental Sounds, simply move your room. 
  • Closed Doors: If you want to be close to your teammates but every now and then don’t want to hear the meetings going on around you, closing your door will shut out the sounds. 
  • Control Bar: By going to the bottom of your screen and selecting the Environmental Volume icon, you can slide to adjust how much sound you want to hear. Sliding all the way to Quiet will mute entirely. Based on our experience and customer feedback, we recommend keeping this set to around 25%.


What if a teammate’s mic is too loud or too low within a room?
Say you're in a room and one of your teammates is talking too softly, you can adjust their volume so you can better hear them instead of adjusting the full volume of your computer. The reverse can also be applied. For example, maybe you wish to turn down your teammates' volume if they are sitting really close to the mic that intensifies the sound,, or they have distracting background noise happening if working at a coffee shop or has a construction project happening at home.


To adjust their volume, simply hover over their User Panel and their volume slider will appear. Then slide it up and down, adjusting accordingly. Note, your teammate will not be able to see you adjusting their volume.  


Other Sounds: Signing onto Tangle, Entering Rooms

While there are some noises you can control in Tangle, there are some that are not yet available to adjust. For instance, you will always hear sound effects occur when teammates enter and sign out of Tangle or enter your room. Both of these features contribute to the overall feel of Tangle and sense of presence that’s all part of being in a team environment.

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