Homeroom: Your Space, Your Way


Each individual who creates a Tangle account will have a Homeroom where they will appear whenever they login. A Tangle Homeroom is a unique space within your Tangle server that is accessible by you and where you can host meetings, close the door, and decorate around yourself.

Creating a Homeroom
After you’ve signed up for Tangle, the first time you login you will appear in the Lobby. Once in the Lobby, you must create your Homeroom. By default, the first room you create will automatically be your Homeroom. To create a room, click on the HomeiconBlue.png icon on the Objects Toolbar located on the right hand side of your server. Choose any place amongst your Tangle server to drop your room.


Decorating your Homeroom
By accessing the edit menu of your room (which you can do by tapping on your room’s name, which you can name however you want!), you can then click on the color palette icon and select a new color for your Homeroom.

Take advantage of placing images and stickies around your Homeroom. Show off to your teammates and get as creative as you want by personalizing your space. Check out some examples of how our Tangle team have decorated their rooms.

Positioning your Homeroom
You have the option to drag and drop your Homeroom anywhere you like on the server. To move your room, you’ll want to edit it first by accessing the edit menu. Then you can use your Move Mode tool to drag and move the room.

Keep in mind the closer you are with your door open to other rooms, you will hear ambient sounds (unless turned down). The further away you are with your door open, the less chatter you’ll hear.


Learn more about Tangle rooms and the infinitely possibilities you can unlock. 

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