Tangle 101: Owners & Admins: Get Started Guide

  • Welcome Admins & Owners of Tangle! This guide is written primarily for an Admin or an Owner of a Tangle server and not a User.  It'll cover more of the advanced ways you can control how your team will use Tangle. 
  • If you're looking for a more general, User focused overview of Tangle, check out our Tangle 101: Users: Get Started Guide
  • And if you're looking for video walkthroughs, check out our Tangletorials on Youtube.

Creating Your First Server

Before you can invite your team, you must create a Tangle Server. Go to your Admin Dashboard to begin.

Once you are in the Admin Dashboard, you’ll see all the Tangle servers you are a part of on the main page. To create a new server, simply find Tangles on the left hand navigation.

Once you access the Tangles screen, you’ll be able to see “Create a New 

Tangle” form. Fill out the form and hit create.

Learn more about Tangle Servers.

Inviting Your Team to Tangle
Think of Tangle like a multiplayer game, no one person should be hanging out alone. So once you’ve created your Tangle Server, it’s time to begin inviting your team. Back at the Admin Dashboard, go to Tangles and select the server you would like to invite your team to. 


Once in that server, go over to Manage Members, and next to the Members tab you will see Invites. Select Invites to be directed to the Invites page. Then simply insert the email address of the person you want to invite and hit send.

<<For the next part of your journey you will need to login to your Tangle. >>

Need help logging in? Check this article here.


Server Select Screen & Avatar Builder

As you open Tangle, you will be directed to the Server Select Screen which also hosts the Avatar Builder. On the left hand navigation, you’ll see all the servers that you belong to, and you can select which one you wish to enter from here.

In the middle of the screen you’ll find the Avatar Builder, which will allow you to customize your Avatar to be uniquely you as you enter your server. 


Tangle Tip: Different Servers can have different Avatar builds; your Avatar cannot transfer from one Server to another. 


Homerooms, Lobby, and Additional Rooms
The Lobby is the FIRST room on your Tangle Server, located in the center. This is the first place new users will start until they create a Homeroom. Think of the Lobby as ‘move in day’, or your first day at the office. As such, Lobby rooms cannot be closed or deleted.

A Homeroom is the Room you appear in when you login to Tangle. It’s your personal space to decorate, work in, or invite others to join you in a lively discussion of how Tatooine is never a desirable location to travel to.  


Homerooms are unique in that each user gets their own Homeroom. It’ll be the first room you create after joining Tangle and arriving in a Tangle Server. Homeroom doors can be open or closed.

All users are able to create additional rooms for your Tangle Server. Just drag and drop the room icon anywhere on your server and Voila!

Learn more about Homerooms.

Open and Closed Doors

Every room will have a door attached to the left of the room. Doors give you control on how you work within Tangle and can be used throughout Tangle. To open or close a door simply click on the door icon.

Open doors - Allows anyone to enter your room, and if your mic is on your teammates in the server can hear you.

Closed doors - You can close your door by simply clicking the door icon. A Closed Door does not allow anyone to access your room but they can knock. If they knock, you can decide whether or not to let them in. If your door is closed, no one can hear conversations happening inside whether that’s singing to yourself or having a chat with a teammate.

Control and Object Bar
On your Server you will always see two bars - one at the bottom (Control Bar) and one to the right (Object Bar). 


The Control Bar sits at the bottom of your server and shows your microphone, video, share screen, status, and environmental volume icons. 

The Objects Bar is located on the right side of your server and is the place where you can create Objects. Simply drag and drop the Objects like Stickies, Images, URL links, or add a new room.

Learn more about Stickys, Images and Links.


Easy to Navigate Your Space using the Directory

While we don’t have Stargate capabilities yet, the easiest way to navigate around a busy Tangle Server is by using the Directory. The Directory will take you directly to any room or user where that user is currently located in the Server. Then you may choose to enter the door (if open), knock (if door is closed), leave a sticky, drop an image or url, and more!

Cultivating Culture with Exciting Features
Tangle gives you options to create your space how you see fit but also engage in interactions that help towards cultivating culture. We developed these features to help you showcase your feelings with your team.

Need to wave hello/goodbye or raise your hand to ask a question during a busy meeting? Fingies allows you to express yourself with your Avatar without having to switch to camera. To use Fingies, simply click the hand icon on the bottom right side of your user panel. The amount you click will enable how high your hand will raise on screen. You may use Fingies while in other rooms with your teammates or alone in your Homeroom. 


Tangle Tip: You can use your Fingies with shortcut keys 1-9 to raise your hand. 0 or ~ will put them down. 


Want to show your love and support to your teammates? A small heart icon appears in the right hand corner of all Tanglers User Panels. Whether expressing to your team how excited you are for a job well done, or showing support while they’re presenting, Hearts make it easy to feel more connected in a digital space. And remember, you can send a Heart to anyone in your Tangle Server! 


Tangle Tip: If you are in a meeting with more than one Tangler, let the person you are showering Hearts with know it's you by having your Cursor tool activated (shortcut key C


Switch to your Cursor within your Tangle Server to show others you traveling the space as well as who may be showering them with Hearts within their rooms.

Celebrate a moment with your team, end a working session, or just cause a fun riot with confetti. To use this feature, simply tap Q and move your cursor around to show where the confetti colors will explode on screen. 



Looking for something extra to boost your team? Maybe someone in sales just closed a big deal. Or a teammate had a baby. The airhorn is perfect to sound off important events, celebrate hitting a deadline, or just be rowdy with your team for a minute. To activate the airhorn press W on your keyboard. 


Looking for something specific? Search our Zendesk articles here.

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