What are User Panels?

Within the Tangle Server, your User Panel is the rectangular box in which you appear. It’s the space that lets you shine, on camera or with your Avatar! It’s also what you control when you join other rooms. 

If you are interested in seeing User Panels in action, check out our TangleTorial. 



Within your User Panel you can:

  • Set a status (shortcut key: S
  • Use Fingies
  • Show if you are on Mute or not


How to Mute, Share Screen and Come on Video
Located at the bottom of your screen, you’ll see your Control Bar.

In the Control Bar, you can:

  • Mute/Unmute yourself
  • Go on/off video
  • Share your screen
  • Set your status
  • Control the environmental volume. 


When you go on video or share your screen, it will appear within your User Panel. 

Tangle Tip: To Focus on your User Panel tap F on your keyboard. 



User Panels Around Tangle and in Other Rooms
Your User Panel will stay the same as you travel to other rooms in Tangle. However, a few added features will appear on other’s User Panels as you hover over them. Like Hearts, their Volume Slider, and the local time when hovering over their name.

The Heart icon will appear over another’s User Panel within and outside of a room. It’s a way for you to interact with a user by showering them with hearts. You can send Hearts to anyone in your Tangle Server via their User Panel. 


When you are meeting in another room with your team, you’ll be able to hover over them and see their Volume Slider. This allows you to turn down their volume if their volume is too loud for you or turn it up if you feel you can’t hear them clearly enough. Note, that the user will not know you adjusted their volume. 



Setting Your Status 

Within your User Panel, you’ll notice a bubble at the top where you can set your status. Setting a status helps to let your team know when you are unavailable, want to share some news, or simply have something exciting to say. Use your Status to express yourself within your User Panel.



Tangle Tip: to set your status using shortcut keys simply press S on your keyboard.

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