How to Locate Your Tangle Logs

If you have found yourself here, it is likely because a Tangle representative has asked you to share your logs. Don’t worry, logs don’t include any personal information such as passwords or security data. Logs allow us to just check under the technical hood to see what might have gone wrong and how we can help fix the problem.

To locate your logs, please perform the following step-by-step instructions or watch the videos provided by our team.

For Windows OS Users:

  • Open Explorer and then access your Directory 
  • Log files are located at:

C:\Users\<YOUR USER ACCOUNT>\AppData\LocalLow\absurd_joy\tangle\Player.log

Finding a log file involves digging around in the basement of your computer, but it's not too tricky. Follow along with the video below!



If you are still not seeing your log files, make sure you have your hidden folders enabled to see the "appData" folder. See more on Microsoft's Support Website.


For macOS Users:

On macOS, this is a little more complicated. We recommend watching the following video or follow the steps as closely as possible. You can access your logs by - 

  • Under the "Go" menu, head to "Utilities"
  • Open the "Console" utility
  • Click on "Log Reports"
  • Look for the "Player.log" file from Tangle
  • Right-click on it and select "Reveal in Finder"
  • Then, send us that file!

If you experience any problems we are here to help! Contact Support to file a claim so we can better assist you. 

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